The Enthusiast

by Visitor 11

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This here is my second album, enjoy!


released January 1, 2009

Much thanks to Astrid Benet for the cover photo and I will also be forever grateful to Derrick Hart for all his time spent helping produce the masters of all these tracks and helping me a bit with the layout of the album artwork. He has a great set of ears and a great deal of talent to boot! All of everything else about this album was produced by Visitor 11(That's me on the cover).



all rights reserved


Visitor Eleven/ Boxcar Chimpanzee Peoria, Illinois

Visitor Eleven is one person who happens to make music in attempt to stave off boredom and hopefully provide other people with a little something to enjoy as well in the process. Check it out earth creatures!

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Track Name: What A Life
Billy stood just shorter than a quarter of an inch tall
People beggin' for spare change he made no sense of it all
His pocketbook's always empty though he don't know where it goes
He can't find a job that fits, same story for his clothes
Don't run around naked, ya know he's too shy for that
Though he was once seen in public only wearing sox and a hat
But that was in his wild days and we all have oats to sow
Can't blame no one for that you just have to let them go
He used to play in a blues band, he used to think that would take him far
But he was never really low enough to write blues that were up to par
So his life in making music never got him much further than that
Then he thought he'd take up painting he got an easel and a hat
He bought a large set of acrylics with a wide range of hues
Ranging from the reddest of crimsons to the richest shades of blue
He covered many a canvas some were intricate some were crass
But his monetary gratification didn't come to him very fast
(chorus) Oh what a life to live you think you're so grown up but you're still just a kid
Julia was Billy's counterpart, she was younger by two years
Anytime she found trouble she would get out with crocodile tears
Many things in life she wanted, most of which she got
Most of the guys in town would succumb to her will just because she was hot
Her father paid for most of her things, fearing she could not hold her own
What's to become of poor Julia when pappy is dead and gone
Her father often thought without him, for her, everything would go wrong
Good thing Billy is sticking with her, a man who's good and strong
I'm really gonna make something of myself, just you wait and see
That was the story sung by young Billy
Work was the only part of life with any consistency
Though he had many hopes and aspirations
Seemed his mind was always on vacation
Julia was a Beatles song, she was named after
Julia depends on her father
Why can't we learn from the mistakes that we see everybody else make?
Track Name: If Things Were Different (But They're Not)
Track Name: Nice Guys
The dogs are trying to eat me alive
They seem to think they know how hungry feels
We've all starved for something in time
Why the hell can't I feel my face?!
I swear the mirror was already broken when I entered the room
So don't you pin that luck on me
Nice guys always do nice things
But the finish line is a fucking mirage
Don't you tell me how to live
Don't you tell me you know how I feel
Does this hurt?
Maybe this will
Where are all the nice guys now?
Fuck Off
Track Name: Funky Turtle
Track Name: Dawn Of Springtime
Track Name: The Pawns
Alright, this here song is about working at a new and used cd shop and how frustrating it must be to see so many of the same albums being brought in over and over again to be pawned for better cd's or money. Most of this songs lyrics are comprised of bands I thought would frequently be seen to have this issue, some of the bands I list in this song are bands I despise, some are bands that I think are great. The whole point is- sell your single with a catchy hook that people will take a while to get tired of and sell it!
Track Name: To The Best For Chantel
Track Name: An Attack On Earth
Sure, there are words in this song, but it's aliens just telling us the exact year, month, day, minute, and second they plan to come to earth again to wreck our shit to the extent of erasure. You don't want to know, that would just ruin all the damn fun.
Track Name: Pills
Problems seem to run rampant in this world
Anywhere you go you can find them
The culture of the area I live in seems to think
They have found solutions to most personal problems of the times
That solution is
(chorus) Pills
If you can't find a pill for it
It's probably not a problem
You're just being silly
And for that, we have a pill!
Track Name: Quest For Jah
Track Name: I've Had Enough
Well your soul is plain empty and when you haven't got a penny you took my favorite gal and done her wrong Wether you're coming or going, the story's usually stolen, social chameleon or just a whore? If I could I would shoot you and fifty times I'd boot you 'til you wouldn't wanna see me anymore
(chorus) You dirty weasel You lying dog I've had enough I've had enough
Just get outta my life I don't need you anymore Now that I think about it Didn't need you before Don't need friends like you Hanging around me If you're my friend I really shouldn't have to question your honesty
Some of your stories may be true Though your lies will defeat you Just look at how many bridges you've already burned You've told one lie too many I've had my share a plenty If I see you I'm gonna send you packin' home Well a snake in the grass When judgement comes alas You may finally see all the wrong you have done
Track Name: Time Now
tic toc
Time isn't on our side Time is running out You can only live until you die Of that I have no doubt If there are things you wanna do You should do them now Make a list prioritize Time is running out Yesterday is history Time to live in the now Forgive, Forget, Don't regret Just do your best right now Use your hands, see foreign lands Do what you can right now The past is done the future is shaped By what you do right now
tic toc
Everything you do matters Every second counts You may not do down the road What you can do right now We are all battling time But time will always win Never sign away your time That's an important lesson
Right now you should be doing something productive, something positive. Don't worry too much about what's already done, there's no way to change it. Make the most of every moment 'cause it's the only time you have to live it.
Time is current as it gets It's the past as well Time is in the future too What will happen? Who can tell? It's time to praise what is right Call out what is wrong My time too is flashing by, Time to end this song Now
Track Name: A Sad Day For Kobe
Track Name: Special Touch/ White Funk
Truth be told, I either freestyle did these lyrics or I lost them, I think I just did them free form though, aside from that one part, I really did look up the word funk in the dictionary (an older one) and that seriously was all the definitions they had for the word funk! Notice there is no mention in the definition about the funk music movement? Old dictionary!
Track Name: Somebody's Always Got It Worse
Oh wary the days that my eyes done did saw
It was getting so bad that I cried to my paw
He said son don't you worry, you've not let me down
And just wait it out things they will turn around
Well I've been waiting and waiting for that wondrous day
But my gal, she done left me this mornin' today
(chorus) When you think you got it bad somebody's always got it worse
Don't hang yourself in shame boy because you wouldn't be the first
Hang on to what you got, but don't expect it to last
Because you know the old saying "All things come to pass"
Well oh god I cried, have mercy on me
For I'm too young to die and I have too much to see
But there's a half dozen men they're out gunnin' for my head
I'll be lucky if by tomorrow I'm not pronounced dead
But I got no real job so I can't pay these dues
And that's all that's got me here singin' the blues
Track Name: Decunstruction